Random Moments of Delight

For Day 22’s Blogging 101 assignment, we are supposed to Try a Blog Event. I have chosen to participate in Firebonnet’s Random Moments of Delight Challenge. The premise is simple. Share a random moment of delight. 🙂


I have chosen this photo of my son. It seems only fitting that it was taken at the reception following his graduation from music school. He’s a serious musician, working hard for 8 years to reach the day he is ready to head off to college. I took the picture because it really did make me smile. After receiving awards and well-earned recognition all day, I happened to look over and see him taking a selfie of himself with a graduation balloon. My 6’2″ closer to 19 than 18 almost high school graduate was doing something so silly and so cute and so unlike the quiet musician most people see. It might seem so out of character to some people but it was actually so “him.” The fact that I can’t see his face is the deciding factor. His dad and I spent years at performances trying to get the perfect seat with the most unobstructed view of him and once we thought we had it, he would move forward and scoot his music stand closer, effectively blocking out his face. My son and his balloon make me smile because I’m happy for him and all of his accomplishments and I’m thrilled to see that he can still get enjoyment out of the littlest things. Like a graduation balloon.




14 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight

    • In all honesty, having 3 musician kids, I am proud of the musical abilities and accomplishments but I’m more proud/amazed/in awe of the people they are. On a side note though, my youngest is freakishly talented in the music department and I just don’t know where that came from!!!


      • That is very cool. We got Josh a guitar, a keyboard and finally a set of bongos. In the end, he is a great basketball player as are his daughters at ages 9 & 5.
        I love the horns. My favorite being saxophone. I could listen to it all day. But, I enjoyed the music of the bouncing ball also. Lol…


      • When it’s our kids, we learn to love it, right? My other kids play various saxophones so the trombone was a bit of a jolt at first but now I love it and I can pick him out of any group he plays with. 🙂


  1. Great post, and I really like this challenge. I was struggling to find one that “fit” and I think this one is perfect!! Preserving these moments and especially our thoughts and feelings when they occurred is invaluable. 🙂


    • Thanks! I just read yours about looking like your dog. Isn’t it amazing how much a few pictures can say and how many memories can be attached to a single photo?


      • Yes, that is so true. I’m so glad that you found this challenge because it is a great way to remember and immortalize all of these wonderful memories.


  2. What a great moment of delight!!!! You have described it so endearingly. And that you can’t see his face, as had happened so often in performances just makes me chuckle. What instrument does he play? My youngest is 20 and he is such an interesting combination of man and boy.
    Thank you so much for joining my challenge this week. It’s very nice to meet you. I have put your post link in the most recent post of the challenge. You can see it here: http://firebonnet.com/2014/05/04/random-moments-of-delight-18-our-two-steeds/ Have a great rest of your week!


    • Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure where to post it and I was going to be asking you about that.
      My son plays the trombone. I swear I see more of the little boy in him the older he gets! 🙂
      And thank you for hosting this challenge! I felt like I was getting nowhere and then your challenge jumped out at me. I enjoyed poking around and looking at the other Random Moments of Delight. How perfectly named!


      • That is so nice of you to say. I really enjoy it. I never know what the ‘moment’ I’m going to write about is until about Thursday or Friday (even Saturday eek)… So it’s fun making it all come together to get the post out on Sunday.


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