5 Things I Would Like to Do if I Had Time


1- Curl up in my special corner in my favorite chair reading a brand new book that grabs my attention from the very first page, drinking chai tea, with the windows open and a soft breeze filling the room accompanied by the soft chirping of the birds in the trees outside. 

2- Stroll through my favorite antique shop (and find some great treasures!)  and have a leisurely lunch with my best friend. 

3- Have a “Parenthood” marathon with all of my kids there,complete with junk food and the fun we have watching that tv show. 

4- Find a peaceful spot that inspires me to write, take photos, stop and breathe while listening to my favorite music.

5- Get organized—–everything- my house, my writing, my life…..


7 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Like to Do if I Had Time

      1. Most definitely and if you saw the state of my house right now you would understand how absolutely necessary it is!


  1. Ditto to #1, 2, 4 & 5…(I’m not a parenthood watcher). My other one would be travel to North Dakota to see my mom, brother & sister. (Unfortunately, I would need more than time…I would also need $$)

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  2. I think, I’d been doing the #4 due to this zerotohero challenge. 😉 #5 i always find an escape not to go to that direction. And yet, doing all the others can somehow accomplish that.


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