Inspired by…

So, the day 12 assignment is to write about being inspired by community, or more specifically by a comment we left on a post we read two days ago. (Actually it was supposed to be “yesterday” but I’m a day behind.) The Chocolate Frog is the inspiration for my post. Anna’s blog spoke to me, plain and simple. But not plain or simple in any way. Everything about it is unique and quirky. It reminds me of my middle child, K. This blog is something K would write. For all I know, he has written things along this line. 

Throughout K’s transition from female to male there have been many ups and downs. I had a very unhappy teenage daughter. I feared for her life. Although she swore she would never consider suicide, I wasn’t so sure. Finding out that K is transgender was a shock and it took some adjustment. As we started on this journey, I hoped that K would finally find a peace within himself. At times it was difficult. And for a time I lost sight of who K was.

And then little glimpses would come shining through and I was able to remember K. I was able to recognize my child again.

Anna’s blog reminded me of how creative and imaginative K is. He writes the most amazing stories- some of them are really out there! He’s also an artist and his paintings are quite colorful and vivid- very much like he is. He has the most random thoughts and his interests range from buffalo to science fiction. He is himself and I love him and I love how The Chocolate Frog reminds me of him. 


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