The Birth of a Name or why I named my blog after a weed….

This post was originally Assignment 2 of Blogging 101, which was to choose a title and tagline. As I’m writing a post as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol, I wanted to link this post since it explains the origin of my blog name. I’ve tweaked it a little but it’s pretty much still in its original form.  -Kat 7/12/15

My previous title was my name and my tagline was an Agatha Christie quote- “Very few of us are what we seem.” . While I went ahead and changed the title, I struggled with a tagline. I chose Dandelion Fuzz because I’ve always loved dandelions.

I never really gave much thought to what they symbolize until recently. I started researching dandelions to find out that in addition to being a source of food and medicine, they were also known for their magic and superstitious symbols.

Dandelions appear to be so fragile on the surface. The perfect example is when they are in “fuzz” stage and they blow seeds all over the place. They need little to no motivation and the air is swirling with those seeds. What a precarious life! They are considered a weed, a nuisance, something that keeps coming back.

Lately, that’s how I have felt most of the time. Like one strong wind would blow me apart, little pieces of me shooting off in all directions, waiting to be picked up by the air to fly away and never be seen again.

Then I took a closer look at these pesky weeds. I still loved them, even though they kept coming back. The sight of a lawn or field covered with dandelions has always made me happy. Maybe they weren’t such bad guys after all. And let’s face it, they seemed to survive despite anything. They really were true survivors. As I listed all the words associated with dandelions- joy, childhood, youth, wishes, good luck, romance, I realized that there was a lot more to these little buggers than what appeared to be on the surface.

Settled on Dandelion Fuzz, I looked at that tagline yet again. I deleted my old tagline, which is actually the one thing I have never changed in all the appearance tweaks I’ve made since I signed up at Word Press. My mind kept wandering back to my old tagline. While I might not even be sure Dandelion Fuzz was the right title, I still really liked my tagline.

“Very few of us are what we seem.”

Taking a final look at it, I finally clued in. My old tagline fit with the Fuzz title. That certainly described my friendly neighborhood dandelion. The tagline stayed. And I finished my day 2 assignment 5 minutes before the release of the day 3 assignment (I guess that means that I’m not behind- not yet at least, right???)

14 thoughts on “The Birth of a Name or why I named my blog after a weed….

  1. I’ve always loved dandelions, their sunshine yellow and determination to thrive regardless of efforts to eradicate them, makes me smile. It’s a great blog name! I love the tag line too, it’s especially true in the blogsphere where we only become familiar with what a blogger chooses to share with us, and there is so much more about them and their life that we will probably never know. I think your tagline also speaks to not judging things or people at surface level.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been drawn to dandelions since I was a child. I remember loving it when they overtook a field or someone’s yard. 🙂 All of that color was so cheering! Being a quiet person, people often jump to conclusions about me, so I thought it was fitting. 🙂 Thanks again!!!


  2. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Curious about where Dandelion Fuzz came from?

    Here is the original text to a follow up post I wrote about naming my blog-


  3. Love this post about dandelions; it is so true! Another thing about dandelions: kids think they are pretty, it’s only when we get older that we start to dislike them. Not sure what that can be interpreted as, but there you go! I like the name and the meaning behind it!!


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