Who and Why

This is my first post in the Zero to Hero Blogging Challenge. Some of this might be covered on my About Me but here goes.

My name is Kat and as far back as I can remember I have been writing stories, plotting out stories in my head, reading….. You get the idea. I participate in the Nanowrimo Contest every year. Some years I win. Some I don’t. It gets me writing and that’s the point. It’s also the reason I have begun blogging.

A few years ago my middle child told me that he is transgender- to make a long story short- he identified as a boy even though he was born with all girl parts. He was 18-1/2 and heading off to college in a few weeks.

My goal for my blog is to combine the two things- dealing with all of the changes in our lives along with getting me on track with my writing.

I have to say that this is the crappiest thing I’ve written in a long time! Yikes! Guess I can only go up from here.


2 thoughts on “Who and Why

    1. Thank you. I will forever be grateful to my son, K, for being brave enough to tell us and strong enough to fight for what he knows is right. It made us closer as a family. I hope I’m able to share our experiences with others who are going through difficult times so they can know that it does get better.


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