Hello, it’s me, Kat!


This is my first post. Well, actually it’s my second if you count the one that I slaved over all morning that just disappeared when I clicked on what I thought was Preview. So, here I am- nervous, scared, a bit gun shy about sharing myself and my first post just disappears like that. Poof!

I can’t recreate it. I would drive myself crazy. So, this is my new first post. Much shorter and to the point. If you read About Me, you know that I’m a mom, wife and all that fun stuff. In my original first post I spent two paragraphs sharing a lot of stuff that I thought was important enough to include but now can’t remember. So I’m at that point- the point of no return. I need to start writing or start deleting.

Quite a few years ago, I gave birth to three healthy beautiful babies. Boy, girl, boy. That changed a few years ago when K,our teenage daughter, told us that she believed she was transgender. In basic terms, transgender is when a person identifies with a gender different than the sex they were assigned at birth. Simply put- a boy in a girl’s body. It isn’t that simple and it touched every single corner of our lives.


Parenting is very difficult. When my children were younger, I found other moms with kids the same age as mine were the greatest source of friendship and support. There’s nothing like the company of someone who knows exactly what you are going through. Being the parent of a transgender child presents challenges one cannot begin to imagine. The experience has been life changing for all five of us. I compare it to living inside a snow globe. Every time you shake a snow globe, you don’t know where that snow will land. The only certainty is that there is something slightly different every single time. Sometimes the changes are huge and other times barely noticeable. But something has changed. That has been our lives since K ‘s revelation. I feel that writing about this will help me process everything we have experienced and if I can help someone else who is on a similar journey, in even the smallest way, then it will be worth it.

3 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me, Kat!

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  2. Welcome! I’m new to this blogging thing too. Also a mom and wife. All my “virtual” heart and support to K. You’re right when you say your world will change, and I hope it’s all for the better. 🙂


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